Recupera el pelo
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Por ScottishHair  -  Cinturón Blanco  - 4 Mensajes
Hi guys,

I'm desperately looking to for a website to buy dutasteride. Ive been taking avodart but the company in the UK no longer post to Spain.
Even if there is a legit website selling finasteride!

Thank you!

Apologies for the English, I've only just began learning Spanish.
Por ScottishHair  -  Cinturón Blanco  - 4 Mensajes
Drop e a PM please :) I've realised you're not allowed to post websites.

Por ScottishHair  -  Cinturón Blanco  - 4 Mensajes

Since I never trusted any online pharmacies, i tried to buy dutasteride (Avidart) from a physical pharmacy.

Managed to get it no problem with no questions asked.

€20.11 for 30 capsules in Barcelona